In April 2010, the Yasmile and Johan Santana established a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity in the United States, the Johan Santana Foundation. The mission of the Foundation in the United States will expand the footprint set by the Santanas’ Foundation in Venezuela while incorporating prior work undertaken by Johan in conjunction with the Minnesota Twins, including skin cancer awareness (with a focus on Melanoma) and the health and wellness of children in the United States and South America. Specifically, the mission of the Johan Santana Foundation is two-fold: (1) educating and supporting outreach for children and adults about different types of skin cancer and the inherent risks of these skin cancers, including melanoma and (2) raising monies to provide financial support to identified charitable causes in the United States and South America which focus on educating children and adults about achieving healthy minds and bodies through athletics, culture, and educational activities.

In Spring 2011, the Johan Santana Foundation will undertake to build the “Tovar Sports Complex” in Tovar, State of Merida, Venezuela.

The project will be implemented in three phases and will be completed by the first quarter of 2012.

The Santanas have a strong connection to their childhood home of Tovar, Venezuela. They are deeply committed to finding ways to make a difference in Tovar and have been making a difference there since 2005, especially in the lives of its children. The Santanas have a Johan Santana Foundation in Venezuela. The Foundation has conducted Toy Drives, provided assistance to the local hospital, given baseball equipment to community children, donated Fire equipment and lent their support to a myriad of Fundraising events meant to raise monies and awareness of the critical needs of the region. El Cyonazo, the brainchild of the Santanas is an annual celebration that focuses on baseball, athletics and the community of Tovar.

The Santanas have an equally strong commitment to their respective communities in the United States and have found ways to also support these communities. The Santanas have participated in Bowling Tournaments, Cause marketing events, Special Charity Days hosted by financial firms and special appearances.

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